An ARRT Recertification And Coursework Conditions

Posted on: 16 March 2022

A radiologic technologist (RT) is a title that is awarded to those who have completed classroom and educational requirements that the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists has outlined. With this title, an RT will be required to recertify each year and complete a set number of classroom credits on a biannual basis.

The Job Duties And The Certification

A radiologic technologist is responsible for capturing diagnostic images that will ultimately determine a patient's condition. X-ray equipment and ultrasound technology are used to view the bones, blood, and organs. An ARRT credential recognizes one's ability to perform a series of highly technical tasks. A medical supervisor may elect to sign up their employees for an ARRT course. The course will need to be participated in on a campus or remotely.

The Renewal Process

The ARRT will require active certificate holders to recertify each year. The recertification process is based upon a radiologic technologist's birth month. The renewal process can be conducted directly through the ARRT website. A monetary fee will be calculated, based upon the number of disciplines that a radiologic technologist has received. The renewal process must be conducted by the date that the ARRT furnishes an RT with. Failure to recertify will result in the expiration of an ARRT certificate. 

The Coursework And Renewal Reminders

The ARRT will outline the types of classes that an RT will need to take on a biannual basis. An RT will have the option of picking out the courses that are of interest. Most of the credits that an RT earns must be affiliated with courses that tie directly into the job duties that an RT is actively responsible for. The remaining credits can be earned through alternate courses that may not be as directly tied into an RT's area of expertise.

Courses may involve attending a school in person, completing online classes, watching videos, or performing field studies. A medical supervisor may either keep track of their employees' ARRT renewal dates or mandate that each RT keeps track of their own renewal dates. The ARRT can also aid with reminding an RT of when their certificate will expire or by when they will need to complete courses. The courses will be fully outlined. The information that is furnished to an RT will include a numerical credit value for each course that is listed.

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