Benefits Of Using A Career Center To Switch Job Fields

Posted on: 20 January 2021

Industry changes, health crisis issues, and pandemics can cause changes in your job field. You may find yourself needing to make a career change. You also may have issues where the money is no longer enough to make a living wage and you need to advance your career into another field. If this is where you are with your job, a career center may be an ideal choice for you. Here are a few benefits of using a career center to switch job fields. 

Free Job Training

Many career centers will have access to free job training. These options may be paid on-the-job training. For example, the center may work directly with nursing homes that offer paid in-house training and certification for nursing assistants. In other instances, there may be job training seminars and courses held directly through the center. The types of training and options available will differ depending on the job field you are considering. 

Resume Services

You may find that your resume is lacking or that you do not even have one. The resume services part of a career center can help you. They can take the tasks you have completed, the achievements you have, and your degrees or certification to create a professional resume. The resume can be printed so you can retain a copy. The resume is put into the career center system and attached to your profile. This means when you apply to jobs through the career website, you can use the resume that is already there. It also allows others to see your profile and resume if they are scouting for employees.


Sometimes you may have the training and the resume, but finding the job is difficult. In these cases, the career center can help you through referrals. The referralist generally takes your resume and sends it as a recommendation to the business seeking employees. However, there are times when you may receive the referral to go to an interview on the same day you are put into the system. These referrals are often not available to the general public, which means you are a step ahead of others looking for the same position. 

If you are ready to take the first steps to training and finding a new career field, contact your local career center. They will schedule an appointment or they will inform you of how to get started online. They can also help you with registration questions for classes, training, and upcoming seminars that may assist you in your career change and job hunt.